Visionage Agrotech Farms Ltd is a family business which was incorporated on the 4th of May, 2006 to cultivate land, produce crops and breed livestock for the provision of food, fiber, medicine, and recreation, and to sustain and enhance the quality of human and animal life. 

The company also provides business support services such as training and capacity building to other agro-entrepreneurs. The business was initially, located in Ogun State but was discontinued as a result of communal conflicts in 2010. In 2018, the decision was taken by the Advisory Board to establish the Farm and Training Centre in Akwa Ibom State with the Head Office is in Uyo and the Farm at Ikot Ebo Ikono. On 2nd December, 2020, the company launched its latest product/service, The Edible Backyard Project, to encourage and support homeowners in the urban areas to grow some essential food items in their own space.

Vision: To provide valuable and exceptional agro-products and services to the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.
Mission: We aim to become an institution that will be one of most profitable and sustainable agribusiness ventures in Nigeria. 

Market Demography : Food products are consumed by every living being. Our products will be made available to consumers in Akwa Ibom State and beyond, through mega stores, catering businesses, and major off-takers. Our services, on the other hand, will be targeted at women and youth agro-entrepreneurs (potential and existing) and agro-businesses all over the state and beyond.