Fertilizer Scarcity and Price Hike Scare Farmers as rainy season sets in


Farmers preparing for this year’s rain-fed crop production are expressing worry over the increasing difficulty in accessing fertilizer due to both unavailability and high prices of the key farm input. The situation, farmers who spoke to our reporters said, would further worsen the decrease in farm output, which is partly responsible for the present high cost of food items in the country. Already, kidnapping, banditry and other forms of insecurity have adversely affected the country’s food production as many farmers have been forced to abandon their farms and farming activities. Farmers in areas prone to insecurity now rely on close-by, often overstressed lands to farm, making its demand for fertilizer necessary to boost fertility for bountiful output. Many farmers in the country rely more on wet season farming because of the shortage of functioning irrigation facilities for the dry season farming. With the rains already here, there is fear among farmers over the inability of many of them to procure fertilizer, especially the Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous (NPK) variety because of high cost. Read more … https://dailytrust.com/as-rainy-season-sets-in-fertiliser-scarcity-price-hike-scare-farmers